Teaching how to fly, how to configure ardupilot, how to repair and perform maintenance, taking aerial shots and design custom aerial vehicules, droneDyne provides many kind of trainings and services.

droneDyne is located in Halle, a city close to Brussels in Belgium, training sessions are provided in Belgium or internationally in case of big projects.


Class 1 pilot

droneDyne offers piloting services for any application such as aerial photography, industrial inspection, surveillance, photogrammetry etc. We also offer full packages with our own RPAS.

Our class 1 pilot in the Belgian airspace is licenced for both multirotors and fixed wings (RPL-R and RPL-A).


droneDyne offers to work as sub contractor to companies who need technical skills in order to achieve their RPA-related project or even offer you fully customized solution ready out of the box.

You may discover our work here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our future partnership.

Configuration and flying course

droneDyne unmanned aerial vehicules are based on high end flying controlers which can be used to plan fully autonomous flights or to follow a target.
We provide configuration course for you to learn how to use mission planner, to configure your ardupilot based controller and much more.

Flying an aerial vehicule is not always easy but with our courses, you will learn how to pilot planes and multicopters.

However, droneDyne doesn’t offer courses to get RPA piloting licences because we prefer to focus on technical aspects while other schools such as the European drone schooloffer already such courses for a fair price.

If you want to learn more, contact us to book your training.

You can also learn many things for free through our YouTube channel

Maintenance, repair and technical course

If you want to learn the technical aspects of a drone, for maintenance, repair or even design your own drone, we are offering custom courses based on your needs.

droneDyne’s focuses on the technical aspect of RPAs. Unlike other drone schools, we master technical subjects such as electronics, IT etc. You can discover our work here.

Contact usnow and discuss the subjects you’d like to learn with us.