Question form for a tailor-made unmanned aerial vehicle

This questionnaire is designed to help droneDyne designing a tailor-made drone that fits perfectly to your needs.

You don’t have to answer all questions and of course you can add more informations depending on the specificities on your requirements

What will be the purpose of your aerial vehicle ? (Fun, surveillance, field intervention, aerial photography, cartography etc.)

If you don’t know if a plane or a multicopter (drone) is best to respond to your needs ;

  1. Do you know or do you want to learn to pilot an RC plane ?
  2. Do you intend to travel with the vehicle ?
  3. Does it need to fit in a conventional luggage ?
  4. What is the minimum flight time you expect ?
  5. What is the minimum distance it should cover in one flight ? (what is the farest it should be able to go?)
  6. Do you want to have real time video ? (do you want to see in real time what the camera in the vehicle sees?)
  7. Will you have a computer or a smartphone with you wen you fly ?

Please answer these questions in the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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