Back from South China

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Back from South China we had an awesome time filming this great country with our customized 3DR Y6.
We hope you’ll enjoy our video as much as we enjoyed making it.
You might notice that the gimbal gives some roll drift (the horizon is drifting when the drone turns), and there is no yaw stabilisation (the image goes left and right), that’s because our 3DR Y6 was equiped with a Tarot T2D gimbal.
Because we want the best quality possible for our customers, we added the awesome FeiyuTech G3 3-Axis gimbal to our components list, with this gimbal these problems are solved.
Some jello can be seen on the video, that is because the Tarot T2D was designed for the GoPro 3 which is lighter than the GoPro 4, the FeiyuTech G3 solves this problem too!

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